Number Т. 10, № 3-4 (39-40)

Keyword :   gastric cancer

Conrad Hal Waddington phenomenon and a novel molecular classification of gastric cancer
Authors: Kirkilevskyi S.I. Dumanskyi Yu.V. Lukyanchuk O.V. Mashukov A.O.... Дата: 2021-07-09 / Review: 14
Modern methods of complex and personalized treatment of stomach cancer (literature review)
Authors: Kolesnik O.P. Levyk O.M. Kadzhoian A.V. Kuzmenko V.A.... Дата: 2020-04-15 / Review: 12
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for resectable gastric cancer
Authors: Lukashenko A.V. Boiko A.V. Т. 9, № 3 (35) 2019 / Review: 2
Review of IV version of Japanese gastric cancer treatment guidelines
Authors: Lukashenko A.V. Boiko A.V. Rozumeyko I.V. Koshubarova M.V. №3(27) 2017 / Review: 2
Molecular genetic characteristics of gastric cancer: clinical oncologist’s view
Authors: Center Oncological Clinical Municipal Dispensary Kyiv Oncological Regional «Odessa University SI Medical National Odessa Lurin A.G. Mashukov O.A. Zakhartseva L.... №3(23) 2016 / Review: 2
D2 lymph node dissection: on the way to implementation in European population of patients with gastric cancer (review)
Authors: Yarema R.R. Manzoni de D. Fetsych Т.G. Ohorchak М.А. №1(17) 2015 / Review: 2
Prognostication of short-term results in gastrectomy for gastric cancer
Authors: Bondar G.V. Dumanskyi Yu.V. Lyah Yu.Ye. Guryanov V.G.... №3(11) 2013 / Review: 2
Intraoperative hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemoperfusion in combined treatment of local-advanced and disseminated gastric cancer
Authors: Yarema R.R. Fetsych Т.G. Ohorchak М.А. Zubarev G.P.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 2
Neoadjuvant polychemotherapy within combined treatment gastric cancer patients: rationale use and evaluation of effectiveness
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Kolesnik E.A. Lukashenko A.V. Burlaka A.A.... №6 (2) 2012 / Review: 1
Pathways of applying a «FAST TRACK SURGERY» multimodal programm in surgical treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies (review)
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Kolesnik E.A. Lukashenko A.V. Rozumiy D.A.... №5 (1) 2012 / Review: 1
Breast cancer surgery’s history
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Motuziuk I.N. Sydorchuk O.I. Smolanka I. №5 (1) 2012 / Review: 2
Еxploring the possibility and accuracy of sentinel lymph node detection in gastric cancer surgical treatment
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Rozumiy D.A. Kolesnik E.A. Lukashenko A.V.... Специальный выпуск I (2011) / Review: 1