Methods of gross tumor volume delineation for intensity modulated radiotherapy of head and neck cancer

Solodyannikova O.I., Kmetyuk Y.V.

Summary. For the last decade a significant progress of the techniques of radiotherapy was achieved. The dose distribution can be performed with a great geometric precision by implementation of stereotactic radiotherapy, radiosurgery, intensity modulated radiotherapy, 3-D planned brachytherapy. These techniques require re-evaluation of standard methods of clinical target volume deline­ation. Today the definition of target volumes is based on physical examination, computer tomography and magnetic resonance ima­ging data. Within the last years new and advanced imaging techniques were introduced to Oncology. Positron emission tomography, single photon emission computer tomography and magnetic resonance spectroscopy provide imaging of tumor’s biology and information on metabolic and physiologic characteristics of tumor tissues. So called molecular and functional imaging supplements computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging anatomical data that is an advantage: the primary tumor is clearly identified and the assessment of true volume can shift the contouring margins of gross tumor volume.
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