Application of technology SPECT/CT by examination of musculoskeletal apparatus in the patients with oncological diseases

Satyr M.V., Solodyannikova O.I., Kundin V.U.

Summary. Combined technology single-photon emission tomography/computed tomography (SPECT/CT) has become more useful for the diagnostic of the musculoskeletal apparatus. This method has made wide possibilities for simultaneous assessment of morphological, functional and molecular processes in exami­ned tissues; and has increased diagnostic accuracy of the method in comparison with separately held SPECT and CT acquisition. Our aim was to determine possibilities of SPECT/CT for diagnostic of skeletal lesions in the patients with oncological diseases. 40 patients were examined: 21 female and 19 male, from 36 to 72 years old (mean 60.1±8.8). All the patients had been done whole body bone scintigraphy, after that they have been done SPECT/CT focused on pathological radiopharmaceutical (RPH) uptake. The results showed that area of metabolic abnormalities always is bigger than structural changes. Scintigraphyc images of lytic and sclerotic lesions had some difference because of divergent intensity and localization of pathologic process in them. There were benign sclerotic focuses that did not accumulate RPH. Scintigraphyc metastatic lesions can be detected earlier than on the X-ray examination. Additional diagnostic information received by CT-component has important clinical value to diagnostic and treatment of patient.
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