Intestinal plastic surgery in the treatment of iatrogenic ureteral injuries in oncological patients

Stakhovskyi E.O., Kononenko O.A., Vucalovych P.S., Voylenko O.A. , Kotov V.A., Vitruk Iu., Gavrylyuk O.М.

Summary. This article studies the efficiency of intestinal plastic surgery in the treatment of long ureteral iatrogenic injuries in oncological patients. Indication for ureteral replacement with the segment of the small intestine in cancer patients were extended ureteral lesions with irreversible fibrosis at its side, no evidence of the progression of the underlying cancer, preserved kidney function (glomerular filtration rate on the affected side was more than 12 ml/min). All 14 patients reestablished urodynamics of the urinary tract in the remote postoperative period. Intestinal plastic of the ureter makes it possible to keep the kidney and improve its function, what enables a comprehensive approach in the treatment of cancer patients.
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