Analysis of some factors influencing the effectiveness of radioiodine therapy in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer

Solodyannikova O.I., Dzhuzha D.O., Sagan D.L., Tratsevskyi V.V., Voit N.Yu., Sukach G.G., Turytsyna V.L.

Summary. Basing on the use of diagnostic scintigraphy (592 patients were examined) we revealed the effects of thyroid staning and selfstaning that affect the kinetics of I therapeutic activities, accelerating its removal from the focus. The method of regression analysis parameters of the I distribution in the residual thyroid tissue confirmed the thesis that radioiodine therapy should be carried out after diagnostic scintigraphy as soon as possible. Retrospective analysis of the effectiveness of radioiodine therapy in patients with DTC showed relatively high positive efficacy rates of the first course of I in 88.6–76.0% of patients, irrespective of the time that has elapsed since surgery or diagnostic scintigraphy. However, the timing of radioiodine therapy have to be considered in each case on the basis of risk factors.
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