Prognostic value of androgen receptor expression in breast cancer cells

Lyubota R.V.1, Cheshuk V.Ye.1, Anikusko N.F.2, Lyubota I.I.2

Summary. Recently there have been a large number of studies that demonstrate the prognostic and therapeutic significance of androgen receptors expression in breast cancer (BC) tumors. The aim of this study was evaluation the frequency and prognostic significance of expression of androgen receptors in patients with BC. The study included 334 BC patients aged 26 to 87 years (mean age 55±1.4 years) who were treated at the clinic of oncology A.A. Bogomolets National Medical University based in the surgical department of the Kyiv Municipal Clinical Cancer Center from January 1 to June 30, 2014. Androgen receptor expression was detected in 69% of patients with BC and is not dependent on age, the status of regional lymph nodes and menstrual function at the time of diagnosis, the size and the histological tumor type. The presence of androgen receptors in the tumor depends on the BC molecular subtype and in this study it obtained data is 40% — Luminal A carcinomas, 27% — Luminal B HER2-negative 8.5% — Luminal B HER2-positive and 15% — for HER2 type and 9.5% — in patients with Basal-like (Triple negative) BC.
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