The influence of partial nephrectomy on functional status of patients with renal cell carcinoma

Voylenko O.A. , Stakhovsky О., Kotov V.A., Vitruk Iu., Stakhovskyi E.O.

Summary. Purpose is to study the effect of ischemia during kidney resection on its functional status in the long postoperative period in patients with renal cell carcinoma. A randomized study of 171 patients with renal cell carcinoma who underwent partial nephrectomy: 87 (50.9%) patients were included in main group (partial nephrectomy was performed without ischemia) and 84 (49.1%) patients randomized to the control group (partial nephrectomy was performed with a central kidney ischemia). This study demonstrated the negative impact of ischemia on functional status after resection of the kidney in patients with renal cell carcinoma. Kidney ischemia during resection of up to 20 min results in decrease of total glomerular filtration rate by 15.4% at 3 months and 5% — 12 months. Glomerular filtration rate on the affected side decreased by 29.1 and 19.4%, respectively at 3 months and 5% — 12 months (р
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