Number Т. 10, № 1-2 (37-38) 2020

Author :   Stakhovsky О.Е.

Prostate cancer screening
Authors: Stakhovsky О.Е. Fedorenko Z.P. Vitruk Y.V. Kononenko A.A. №1(21) 2016 / Review: 1777
Prostate cancer prophylaxis
Authors: Stakhovsky E.A. Voylenko O.A. Vitruk Y.V. Fedorenko Z.P.... №1(21) 2016 / Review: 1465
Urodynamic study in patients with invasive cervical cancer
Authors: Dermenzhy T.V. Svintsitsky V.S. Nespryadko S.V. Stakhovsky О.Е.... №4(20) 2015 / Review: 1
The influence of partial nephrectomy on functional status of patients with renal cell carcinoma
Authors: Voylenko O.A. Stakhovsky О.Е. Kotov V.A. Vitruk Y.V.... №2(14) 2014 / Review: 1001
Prognostic value of high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia
Authors: Institute Cancer National Vitruk Y.V. Stakhovsky О.Е. №4(12) 2013 / Review: 1544
Anterior pelvic exenteration in treatment of locally-advanced cervical cancer
Authors: Vorobyova L.I. Stakhovsky E.A. Tsip N.P. Vitruk Y.V.... №3(11) 2013 / Review: 1
Kidney function relation to size of the tumor in renal cell cancinoma
Authors: Stakhovsky О.Е. Stakhovsky E.A. Vitruk Y.V. Voylenko O.A.... №3(11) 2013 / Review: 1485
Modern system of evaluation of kidney tumor (review)
Authors: Vitruk Y.V. Stakhovsky E.A. Voylenko O.A. Stakhovsky О.Е.... №3(11) 2013 / Review: 4192
Features of changes in the upper urinary tract with iatrogenic ureteral injuries
Authors: Stakhovsky О.Е. Vukalovich P.S. Voylenko O.A. Kotov V.A.... №6 (2) 2012 / Review: 1424
Treatment of patients with testicular germ-cell tumors: current strategies and results of therapy assessment
Authors: Sivak L.A. Lyalkin S. Stakhovsky О.Е. Voylenko O.A.... №5 (1) 2012 / Review: 1
Effect of the neoadjuvant chemotherapy on surgical treatment muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
Authors: Stakhovsky О.Е. Vitruk Y.V. Voylenko O.A. Vukalovich P.S. №4 (4) 2011 / Review: 362
Authors: Stakhovsky О.Е. Voylenko O.A. Vitruk Y.V. Kotov V.A.... №4 (4) 2011 / Review: 2
Вплив неоад’ювантної хіміотерапії на функцію нирок та уродинаміку у хворих з інвазивним раком сечового міхураThe influence of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy on renal function and urodynamics in patients with invasive bladder cancer
Authors: Stakhovsky О.Е. Voylenko O.A. Vukalovich P.S. Kotov V.A.... №3 (3) 2011 / Review: 784
Modern methods of immunotherapy in renal cell carcinoma (review)
Authors: Khranovskaya N.M. Skachkova O.V. Stakhovsky О.Е. №1 (1) 2011 / Review: 1