The nucleolus organizer regions’ state and nucleic acids contents in the colon tumor epithelial cells’ nuclei

Grabovoy A.N.1, Antonyuk S.A.2, Vorobey E.A. 1

Summary. The carried out studies have shown, that self-application of the ploidy level, cellular spectrum and the nuclear organizer regions’ state cannot fully rely to determine the colon epithelial tumors malignancy grade. DNA content in these tumors nuclei, nuclear organizer regions state and cellular composition may be important secondary indicator in determining the tumor characteristic and predict its further development. Changing’s in RNA content and nucleolus organizer regions volume within the tumor cells nuclei can be used as an indirect measure of the cell viability grade and criteria for singling out their morphofunctional types, capable of further development. The correlation level between DNA content and total nucleolus organizer regions volume within the cells nuclei may be additional highly informative criterion for distinguishing between good and malignant colon epithelial tumors. Tumors with high levels of anaplasia (G3) differentiates itself among others, more differentiated ones, by a reduction of cellular heterogenicity level, what gives evidence of clone’s dominance with a stable gene and efficient life support systems within them.
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