Рerspectives of applying biological markers of tumor cells sensitivity to chemotherapy

Kolesnik E.A., Lukashenko A., Rozumiy D.A., Burlaka A.A., Zhukov Yu.A.

Summary. In the article the data of foreign authors and own investigations about prospects of using of biological markers for the purpose of studying of sensitivity of a gastric cancer cells to chemotherapy were summarized. The analysis of efficiency of using of the dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase and its isoforms, protein ERCC1, p53, VEGF, VEGFR, HIF-1, bcl-2 during prognosis of the disease development in gastric cancer patients is carried out. Evaluation of the neoadjuvant chemotherapy mode in the combined treatment of a gastric cancer patients in agreement with International standards was done. Moreover, results of own investigations of neoadjuvant polychemotherapy (ECF) followed by further operative treatment are shown. Correlations between expression levels of molecular markers р53, VEGF, bcl-2 and gastric cancer tumour cells sensitivity to chemotherapy were found. Performed analysis is an evidence of urgency and practical importance of the modern molecular technologies application for the purpose of stomach cancer patients treatment algorithms improvement.
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