Cytomegalovirus infection in hematology and oncology patients receiving cytotoxic therapy (review and case report)

Kushchevyi E.V., Kriachok I.A., Stepanishyna Y.A., Martynchyk A.V., Filonenko K.S.

Summary. This review presents data of role of cytomegalovirus (CMV) in the organ pathology development in patients receiving cytostatic and immunosuppressive therapy, clinical variants of cytomegalovirus disease (CMVD), the modern possibilities of laboratory diagnosis of CMV and their practical application. Review considers approaches to the prevention and treatment of CMV-associated disease, describes etiological therapy of CMV. Clinical case of CMV pneumonia in a patient with Burkitt’s lymphoma on a background of intensive chemotherapy demonstrates the difficulties in diagnosis and treatment of this complication and their impact on the success of chemotherapy.
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