Contents of the journal :   №2(10) 2013

Radiation diagnostics, radiation therapy

Tumors of the head and neck

The surgical treatment for the thyroid cancer
Authors: Sternyuk Y.M. Protsyk V. Halay O.O. Duda O.R. №2(10) 2013 / Review: 15201
Cryosurgery with local microwave hyperthermia in oral cavity cancer treatment
Authors: Samedov V.H. Zakharychev V.D. Mosin O. №2(10) 2013 / Review: 5

Tumors of the chest cavity

Surgical treatment of patients with esophageal malignant tumor
Authors: Kirkilevskyi S.I. Krahmalyov P.S. Kondratsky U.N. Krakhmalov S.N.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 1
N-status evaluation in patients with lung cancer: problems and solutions(review)
Authors: Kolesnik O.P. Kuzmenko V.A. №2(10) 2013 / Review: 1612

Tumors of skin, soft tissues, bones

Digest of scientific-practical seminar with international participation «Melanoma of skin: achievements and prospects», 12 April, 2013, Kyiv
Authors: Korovin S.I. Ostafiychuk V.V. Kukushkina M.M. Palivets A. №2(10) 2013 / Review: 1226
Prognostic factors of appearing micrometastases in sentinel lymph nodes in skin melanoma
Authors: Kukushkina M.M. Korovin S.I. Solodyannikova O.I. Sukach G.G.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 1
Bisphosphonates in treatment of patients with bone sarcomas
Authors: Kovalchuk P.A. Korovin S.I. Diedkov A.G. Volkov I.B.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 2

Tumors of abdominal organs

Intraoperative hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemoperfusion in combined treatment of local-advanced and disseminated gastric cancer
Authors: Yarema R.R. Fetsych Т.G. Ohorchak М.А. Zubarev G.P.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 3
Comparative analysis of synchronous and staged resections in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Kolesnik E.A. Lukashenko A.V. Burlaka A.A.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 1187

Breast tumor

Prophylactic mastectomy: opinionI.
Authors: Smolanka I. Skliar S. Loboda A. №2(10) 2013 / Review: 2
Sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer (review)
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Zotov A.S. Postupalenko O.V. №2(10) 2013 / Review: 1
Neoajuvant chemotherapy of breast cancer patients.Therapeutical pathomorphosis
Authors: Smolanka I. Skliar S. Ivankova O.N. Kostriba A.I.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 7

Organization of anticancer fight

Cancer incidence of digestive system in Ukraine after the Chernobyl accident
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Fedorenko Z.P. Gulak L.O. Ryzhov A.Yu.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 1


HIV-associated non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Authors: Karnabeda O.A. Getman L.I. Antoniak S.N. Roslyakova T.V.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 2
Cytomegalovirus infection in hematology and oncology patients receiving cytotoxic therapy (review and case report)
Authors: Kushchevyi E.V. Kryachok I. Stepanishyna Y.A. Martynchyk A.V.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 14444


Genetic factors and their role in the predispozitioned to formation of multiple primary malignancies of the female reproductive system
Authors: Paliychuk O.V. Polishchuk L.Z. Gorovenko N.G. Rossokha Z.I.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 1855
Extended hysterectomy (С1 nerve-sparing dissection) in patients with infiltrative cervical cancer
Authors: Svintsitsky V.S. Vorobyova L.I. Stakhovskyi E.O. Ligirda N.F.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 1
Postoperative cognitive dysfunction in middle-aged female: incidence and prevention
Authors: Lisnyy I.I. Vorobyova L.I. Bielka К.Y. Klimchuk L.V.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 4

Experimental studies

Ovarian endometrioid carcinoma, cytomorphological, cytogenetical and immunocytochemical findings
Authors: Yaroschuk T.M. Bolgova L.S. Tuganova T.N. Marinenko S.V.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 1
Experimental study of heat shock proteins in vaccinotherapy of patients with malignancies
Authors: Boliukh I.A. Didenko G.V. Shpak E.G. Kuzmenko A.P.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 4
Molecular and biological characteristics of breast cancer
Authors: Shapochka D.O. Zaletok S.P. Gnidyuk M.I. №2(10) 2013 / Review: 4849
Content of nucleic acids in nuclei of neuroblastoma cells with various differentiation degrees
Authors: Grabovoy A.N. Zareckij M.B. Vasylyshin O.I. №2(10) 2013 / Review: 465

Chemotherapy of solid tumors

Modern principles of adjuvant treatment of breast cancer
Authors: Kryachok I. Gubаrеvа А.А. Aleksyk O.M. Filonenko Е. №2(10) 2013 / Review: 13
The role of adjuvant chemotherapy in treatment of non-small cell lung cancer.
Authors: Kryachok I. Aleksyk O.M. Gubаrеvа А.А. Filonenko Е. №2(10) 2013 / Review: 3
Value of molecular-genetic indexes for prognosis of chemotherapy toxicity in patients with breast cancer
Authors: Sivak L.A. Lyalkin S. Svеrgun N.N. Gubareva G.O.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 582