Number Т. 10, № 1-2 (37-38) 2020

Keyword :   non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Electrokinetic characteristics of lymphoid cells of cancer patients and healthy donors
Authors: Yanish Yu.V. Zaletok S.P. Bentrad V.V. Sklyarenko L.М. Т. 8, № 3 (31) 2018 / Review: 105
Toxic hepatitis in patients with lymphoproliferative diseases
Authors: Kriachok I.A. Pastushenko J. Martynchyk A.V. Titorenko I.B. №4(24) 2016 / Review: 1
Central nervous system involvement prophylaxis in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Authors: Kriachok I.A. Filonenko K.S. Kushchevyi E.V. №3(23) 2016 / Review: 2021
Blocking PD-1/PD-L1/2 way — promising treatment strategy of patients with B-cell lymphomas (review)
Authors: Kriachok I.A. Novosad I.O. Khranovskaya N.M. Svеrgun N.N.... №1(17) 2015 / Review: 1
The methods of fertility preservation in women with lymphoproliferative diseases
Authors: Kriachok I.A. Kadnikova T. Titorenko I.B. Pastushenko J.... №4(16) 2014 / Review: 945
Diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma during pregnancy
Authors: Novosad I.O. Pastushenko J. Skripets Т.V. Kriachok I.A. №4(16) 2014 / Review: 1
Correction of anemia syndrome in patients with malignant lymphomas
Authors: Kriachok I.A. Titorenko I.B. Stepanishyna Y.A. №1(13) 2014 / Review: 1
Chemotherapy-related cardiotoxicity in elderly patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Authors: Kriachok I.A. Titorenko I.B. №1(13) 2014 / Review: 1006
Necessity of routine computed tomography after the end of the lymphoma treatment
Authors: Kriachok I.A. Filonenko Е. Martynchyk A.V. Kushchevyi E.V. №3(11) 2013 / Review: 2646
Cytomegalovirus infection in hematology and oncology patients receiving cytotoxic therapy (review and case report)
Authors: Kushchevyi E.V. Kriachok I.A. Stepanishyna Y.A. Martynchyk A.V.... №2(10) 2013 / Review: 10717