The surgical treatment for the thyroid cancer

Sternyuk Y.M. 1, Protsyk V.2, Halay O.O.3, Duda O.R. 3

Summary. The thyroid cancer (papillary, follicular, undifferentiated, medullar) differ in morphology, pathology, genetics and physiology. The main difference is in biology, metastatic spread and prognose. This features are in the basement of the concept of the surgical treatment (the prime ore delayed thyroidectomy and exceptions of it, and locoregional lymph node dissection). The regional lymphatic spread and absence of distant metastases gives to the concept of the lymphadenactomy the independent role. The differentiated thyroid cancers even in the case of the local invasion have relatively good prognose, that makes possible wide surgical interventions. In the case of medullar cancer, which in 30% are genetically determinated (RET protooncogen mutation), the prophylactic thyroidecthomy in the case of the mutation presence is extremely effective.
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