Ovarian endometrioid carcinoma, cytomorphological, cytogenetical and immunocytochemical findings

Yaroschuk T.M. , Bolgova L.S., Tuganova T.N., Marinenko S.V., Loginova E.O. , Magas T.A.

Summary. Cytomorphological, cytogenetical and immunocytochemical findings in ovarian endometrioid carcinoma are presented on the basis of scrapings from tumors removed during surgery in 4 women of different ages. Two cytogram variants of round-oval and prismatic cells were identified. High counts in both total nucleoli and their active forms (compact and transitional nucleolonemal) were detected, which may be indicative of a poor prognosis of the disease. Immunocytochemical study with mAb (cytokeratin 7, 20) and epithelial antigen (Ber-EP4) can be helpful in the differential diagnosis of ovarian cancer morphological variants.
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