Cancer screening in Ukraine: when a theory answers reality. Socioeconomic feasibility of population screening for cervical cance

Michailovich Y.I. , Zhurbenko A.V.

Summary. Cervical cancer is a leading cause of disease in the world. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer and third on a death rate among women worldwide. The great majority of the disease burden occurs in developing countries. At present, cancer screening in oncology it is the basic method of prophylaxis that reduces the level of death rate from malignant tumors. For Ukraine, as the states with the limited financial resources is a necessity socioeconomic feasibility of population screening for cervical cancer with definition of quantitative estimation «cost-effectiveness analysis» and qualitative estimation «disbenefit-benefits analysis». In addition, organizational events must be definition for his introduction. In this study, we carried out assessed of an analysis the parameters to measure aggregate criteria and indicators that characterize the economic side conducting of population screening for cervical cancer.
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