The population cancer screening in Ukraine. Medical and social feasibility. Practical aspects of improving the quality cancer prevention

Gaysenko A.V., Michailovich Y.I. , Zhurbenko A.V.

Summary. The present oncologic situation in the world remains unfavourable to the incidence and prevalence of cancer in the economically developed and poorly developed countries in the past decade. However, the analysis of major trends in the treatment of cancer patients in the world, it is evident that in several countries of Western Europe and North America have achieved first stabilize and then reduce mortality from the most common tumors. This is due to the full implementation of national screening programs. At present, screening in oncology is the only one method that helps to reduce mortality related cancers, especially from the more common forms of it. The feasibility of cancer population screening in Ukraine remains the subject of debate. It is associated with incomplete information for population and doctors, not a clear understanding of concepts and screening process, the high cost of screening methods and also inaccurate evidence, necessary screening for some forms of cancer. In this study, we carried out assessed the evidence base and screening criteria to adapt screening programs in Ukraine. Organization and implementation of screening requires a multidisciplinary approach.
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