Postoperative cognitive dysfunction in middle-aged female: incidence and prevention

Lisnyy I.I., Vorobyova L.I., Bielka К.Y. , Klimchuk L.V., Kabanchuk Y.A. , Katrychenko M.O. , Sidorenko K.D. , Balakhonov O.I.

Summary. Prospective controlled study to identify the problem of postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) for middle-aged women after hysterectomy, it’s incidence and risk factors. Another aim of the study is to find if choline alfoscerate is effective for prophylaxis of POCD. The study included 40 patients (group 1 and 2 — 20 patients, respectively). POCD diagnosed in 3 (15%) patients from group 1 and 8 (40%) patients of group 2, the difference between POCD incidence in groups was not statistically significant, but the trend toward greater incidence POCD in the control group persisted (p=0,078; odds ratio is 3,78; 95% сonfidence interval 0,69–25,86). The odds ratio indicates that the risk of POCD in the control group was significantly higher than the risk in the treatment group POCD 8,5 times. In this study choline alfoscerate was associated with a significant risk reduction of POCD, reducing wake time and time to extubation patients.
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