Assessment of hematologic toxicity of standard FAC chemotherapy in patients with malignant breast tumors

Kriachok I.A., Sivak L.A., Aleksyk O.M., Gubаrеvа А.А., Mаydаnеvich N., Filonenko Е., Lyalkin S., Klimаnоv М.Yu., Askоlskiy А.В.

Summary. The analysis of hematologic toxicity of standard FAC chemotherapy with 5-fluorouracil (500 mg/m i/v day 1), doxorubicin (50 mg/m i/v day 1), and cyclophosphamide (500 mg/mi/v day 1) was performed in patient with malignant tumors of breast treated at the Covservative Treatment Department of National Cancer Institute. This chemotherapy regimens were given once every 21 days. It was found that more haematologic complications requiring maintenance therapy occur on the seventh day after completion of treatment. The majority of patients have the hematologic toxicity of grade I and II which has a direct correlation to the previous treatment and the number of courses of chemotherapy. FAC chemotherapy is associated with low hematological toxicity. Hematopoiesis is restored up to the next course of chemotherapy in all patients and does not need to delay treatment courses or dose reduction.
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