Features of changes in the upper urinary tract with iatrogenic ureteral injuries

Stakhovsky О., Vucalovych P.S., Voylenko O.A. , Kotov V.A., Vitruk Iu., Kononenko O.A.

Summary. Purpose: to investigate the cause of ureters anatomical and functional changes in upper urinary tract with iatrogenic ureteral injuries. Materials and methods: 58 patients with iatrogenic injuries of the ureters. Results: megaureter was diagnosed in 47 (81%) patients, bilateral — in 8 (13.8%). Ureterohydronefroz single kidney was observed in 3 (5.2%) cases. In 27 (46.5%) patients was diagnosed chronic renal disease, including latent stage in 18 (31%) cases and compensated — 9 (15.5%). Conclusion: the correct estimation of anatomic and functional changes in the kidneys, urinary tract provides a visual, quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the different parts of the urinary tract to determine the location, extent and degree of obstruction and to obtain objective indicators of kidney function that leads to the definition of effective tactics treatment.
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