Gastric cancer with a high risk of intraperitoneal progression: risk factors and results of surgical treatment

Yarema R.R. , Fetsych Т.G.

Summary. Analised remote results of surgicsl treatment 57 patients with gastric cancer with infiltration serosal shell. Found poor forecast for patients this category — madian overall and disease free survival was 19 and 15 month respectively. It is established that the most frequent way disease progression of «serosainvasive» gastric cancer was peritoneal dissemination, which found in 47.4% patients, and in 81.8% patients with disease progression. Tumor localization, a type of tumor growth by Borrmann, histological form and area infiltrating serosal shell by tumor defined as significantly factors of metachronous peritoneal carcinomatosis in patients with «serosainvasive» gastric cancer.
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