The possibilities of liver resection with the help of electric tissue welding generator at colorectal metastatic cancer patients.

Bondar G.V., Sedakov I.E., Ischenko R.V., Borota A.V., Pavlov R.V., Lasachko P.S.

Summary. In Donetsk regional antitumor center 33 liver resections and 26 marginal liver biopsies have been performed with a help of soft tissue electric welding generator, developed by the Research Institute of Paton. From 33 operations 15 were right-sided hemihepatectomy, 6 — left-sided hemihepatectomy, 8 — trisegmentektomy and 4 — bisegmentektomy. The investigation have shown a decrease in blood loss during surgery more than 1.5 times when used soft tissue electric welding generator (524±98 ml, compared with bipolar coagulation 844±9 ml.) Parenchymal dissection time was reduced to 21±4minutes. No complications due to the described method were observed. The average period of remission after resection was 1.3 years (15.6 months). The average lifetime of patients after liver resection was 1,47±0,17 years (17.64 months); one-year survival rate was 60.7%, three-year survival — 18,1%. Using a soft tissue electric welding generator is a reliable and safe procedure for resection of hepatic metastases due to colorectal cancer. The developed method simplifies the technique of the operation, reduces blood loss and allows to avoid using hemostatic sponges and plates.
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