Results of surgical treatment of children with soft tissue sarcomas Children’s Department NIR

Izhovskyy O.J. , Shida E.V., Pavlik S.V. , Belokon O.V. , Stezka M.O., Luzan T.O. , Nikolaevа O.V., Ozhyhanov O.A.

Summary. Soft tissue sarcoma in children — a group of heterogeneous malignancies combined mezodermal common origin. Soft tissue sarcoma case rate among children reaches 15%, which takes 4 rank oncological pathology among this age group. Between 2000 and 2010 years in scientific research of pediatric oncology National Cancer Institute received combined treatment 128 children under 18 with soft tissue sarcoma. Primary R0 resections (microscopically complete resection, radical operation), except for open surgery biopsy, performed in 82 patients (in most cases the only tumor removing of single muscle-fascial block, the execution limphodysektsion); R1 resection (microscopically incomplete resection) in 44 patients; R2 resection (due to tumor resection, a moderate form of operation) — in 2 children. The smallest number of recidive and the longest period without relapses observed in patients who had R0 resection primary (recurrent tumor appeared in 3 (2%) patients). Unacceptable operations is resection of the tumor type R2 (recurrent tumors appeared in 2 (100%) patients).
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