Number Т. 11, № 1-2 (41-42)

Institution :   Donetsk national anticancer center, Donetsk

Prognostication of short-term results in gastrectomy for gastric cancer
Authors: Bondar G.V. Dumanskyi Yu.V. Lyah Yu.Ye. Guryanov V.G.... №3(11) 2013 / Review: 2
The possibilities of liver resection with the help of electric tissue welding generator at colorectal metastatic cancer patients.
Authors: Bondar G.V. Sedakov I.E. Ischenko R.V. Borota A.V.... №4 (4) 2011 / Review: 1874
Фторафур — эффективность, проверенная временем (итоги новых исследований)Ftorafur: time-proved efficiency (results of the recent studies)
Authors: Semikoz N.G. Ladur А.I. Kolosov I.V. №3 (3) 2011 / Review: 1
Undesirable effects of intra-arterial chemotherapy in patients with metastases of colorectal cancer
Authors: Ischenko R.V. Sedakova Yu.I. Специальный выпуск I (2011) / Review: 2451
Features of clinical flow of tumours of colon associated with ulcerous colitis and Сrohn’s disease
Authors: Gyulmamedov F.I. Sedakov I.E. Polunin G.E. Специальный выпуск I (2011) / Review: 2
Classification of damages of the diaphragm of pelvis after surgical treatment of the cancer of the rectum
Authors: Bondar G.V. Basheev V.H. Sovpel O.V. Специальный выпуск I (2011) / Review: 867
Еfficacy of using neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy in treatment of patients with resectable colorectal cancer
Authors: Bondar G.V. Basheyev V.H. Kostinsky I.U. Semikoz N.G.... Специальный выпуск I (2011) / Review: 2