Limphadenectomy and its efficacy during radical nephrectomy in patients with renal cell carcinoma

Kowalskyy V.V.1, Fetsych Т.G.1, Diychuc Y.P.2, Kalmuk B.Z.2, Kovalchuk N.O.2, Kovalchuk S.V.2, Kurtyak M.B.2, Iurchyshyn I.Y.2

Summary. The research is based on examination and treatment of 202 patients who were diagnosed renal cancer. An analysis of one-year survival by Kaplan-Meier method didn’t detect significant difference between survival time of patients with I-III stage in dependence of conducting limphadenectomy; at the same time one year survival time is not influenced by metastases in regional lymph nodes among patients in III stages of renal cancer.
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