Neoadjuvant hormonal therapy of locally advanced breast cancer

Zotov A.S.1, Anikusko N.F.2, Lyubota I.I.2, Lyubota R.V.3

Summary. 20–25% patients with breast cancer was first asked for medical help with locally advanced process that requires preoperative medication treatment and/or radiation therapy. Despite more than 100 year history of hormone therapy for breast cancer, and its successful application in the adjuvant setting mode, as neoadjuvant therapy is used very rarely. However, the results of randomized studies on the effectiveness of neoadjuvant hormonal ER and/or PR-dependent breast cancer in postmenopausal women, indicate a high frequency to achieve an objective response by the tumor. Optimal for neoadjuvant hormonal therapy is an aromatase inhibitor third-generation (letrozole, anastrozole, exemestane) daily for 3–4 months. The use of aromatase inhibitors can achieve positive clinical results in 40–60% of patients. Despite this, the development of preoperative hormone therapy should be aimed at identifying additional factors (other than the presence of ER and/or PR), defining a positive response to treatment, which will individualize this type of treatment and maximize clinical outcomes.
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