Mini-invasive methods of pain syndrome treatment in patients with pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis

Miminoshvili O.I.1, Zablotskiy V.V.2

Summary. Eighteen patients with pancreatic cancer and eight patients with chronic pancreatitis underwent a thoracoscopic sympathetic-splanchnicectomy for pancreatic pain syndrome. Six of patients with cancer were opiate dependent and unable to pursue normal daily life activities. We evaluated the near and long-term results of treatment. Level of pains was determined by Prince Henry Hospital Pain Scale, and the somatic status by a multifactorial estimation scale, developed by us (lower values correspond to better life quality). The data has been obtained for a base condition of the patient, the early postoperative period and 1.5 month after intervention. For patients with pancreatic cancer pain level form 3.4; 1.3 and 1.7 points accordingly, somatic status level was 17; 13 and 14.5 points. Patients with chronic pancreatitis has next pain intensity: 2.3; 1; 1.1 points, and 15; 10; 11 points for somatic status level accordingly. More than half of patients with pancreatic cancer could lower a dose of analgetics. Patients with chronic pancreatitis mostly do not feel pain in postoperative period.
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