Contents of the journal :   Специальный выпуск I (2011)

Organization of anticancer fight

Еxploring the possibility and accuracy of sentinel lymph node detection in gastric cancer surgical treatment
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Rozumiy D.A. Kolesnik E.A. Lukashenko A.V.... Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Рerspectives of applying biological markers of tumor cells sensitivity to chemotherapy
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Kolesnik E.A. Lukashenko A.V. Rozumiy D.A.... Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Surgical tactics in treatment cancer of rectum
Authors: Shudrak A. Umanets O.I. Tsema E.V. Nechaj V.S.... Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Organ-saving surgery for early rectal cancer
Authors: Shelygin Y.A. Kashnikov V.N. Eropkin P.V. Peresada I.V. Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Undesirable effects of intra-arterial chemotherapy in patients with metastases of colorectal cancer
Authors: Ischenko R.V. Sedakova Yu.I. Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Patients quality of life after colorectal cancer surgery
Authors: Poyda O.I. Melnik V.M. Zavernyi L.G. Abu Shamsiya R.N. Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Radical surgical treatment of malignant periampullar neoplasms
Authors: Kopchak V.M. Homyak I.V. Kopchak K.V. Duvalko A.V.... Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Mini-invasive methods of pain syndrome treatment in patients with pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis
Authors: Miminoshvili O.I. Zablotskiy V.V. Специальный выпуск I (2011)

Authors: Pikunov D.Y. Kashnikov V.N. Janaev Y.A. Rybakov E.G. Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Combined treatment of gastric cancer with esophageal junction
Authors: Kondratskyi Y. Kirkilevskyi S.I. Krahmalyov P.S. Krakhmalov S.N.... Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Functional outcomes of low anterior resections of the rectum
Authors: Zaharash M.P. Poyda O.I. Dubovyi V.A. Jaremchuk I.O.... Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Total pancreatectomy in surgery of malignant pancreatic diseases
Authors: Dronov O.I. Kryuchyna Ye.A. Dobush R.D. Gorlach A.I. Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Features of clinical flow of tumours of colon associated with ulcerous colitis and Сrohn’s disease
Authors: Gyulmamedov F.I. Sedakov I.E. Polunin G.E. Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Classification of damages of the diaphragm of pelvis after surgical treatment of the cancer of the rectum
Authors: Bondar G.V. Basheev V.H. Sovpel O.V. Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Еfficacy of using neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy in treatment of patients with resectable colorectal cancer
Authors: Bondar G.V. Basheyev V.H. Kostinsky I.U. Semikoz N.G.... Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Ways of increasing the effectiveness of  colon cancer treatment background by diverticulosis
Authors: Bondar G.V. Basheyev V.H. Zolotukhin S.E. Bondarenko A.I.... Специальный выпуск I (2011)
Optimization of the surgical treatment of colon cancer obstruction
Authors: Belyanskyi L.S. Todurov I.M. Perekhrestenko A.V. Специальный выпуск I (2011)