Molecular-biological principles in the individualization of breast cancer young patients treatment

Zakhartseva L.M.1, Lobanova O.2

Summary. Aim: to determine the molecular principles of individualized treatment of young patients with breast cancer. Methods: clinical, histological, immunohistochemical (apoptotic proteins, expression of steroid hormones, proliferation Ki-67, epidermal growth factor, angiogenesis markers, BRCA1, molecular-genetic (mutations of genes BRCA1/2 by using PCR), statistical method. Results: it was determined that a high proliferative index, basal-like variant of cancer, a violation of apoptosis, angiogenesis, and frequent mutations of the genes BRCA 1/2 lead to poor indicators of survival in young patients. Conclusion: we recommend to use molecular-biological principles in strategics breast cancer young patients treatment.
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