Features of radiology diagnostics rare diseases of breast of nontumour nature

Golovko T.S., Krakhmalova L.P., Skliar S., Krotevych M.S., Protsyk E.E

Summary. Specific features of radiology diagnostics of rare breast diseases of non-tumor nature. An improvement of methods of breast cancer diagnosis is the most urgent problem of clinical oncology. The article is devoted to the improvement of quality of differential diagnosis of breast diseases. The archive of examinations of patients who appealed to the National cancer institute with suspicion on breast cancer within 2000–2010 and got standard researches was retrospectively analyzed. The group of patients with rare breast diseases was distinguished, the specific features of their radiology diagnostics were analyzed. Physician inspecting the patient at the first time, in consideration of all applied diagnostic methods, must examine every node formation as symptom that requires differential diagnosis so to exclude a malignant process.
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