Mediastinal Non-chromaffin Paragangliomas

Zakharychev V.D.1, Hanul A.V.2, Semivolos A.V.2, Krotevych M.S.2

Summary. Thoracic Mediastinal non-chromaffin paragangliomas are very rare tumors. They can arise from chemoreceptor at multiple sites throughout the body. The paper presents the personal experience of the authors in the examination and treatment of 26 patients with mediastinal paraganglioma, 27 of them were malignant. The diagnosis was provided by the histological examination of the surgical specimen. It was the first experience to put into practice the intraarterial selective combined chemotherapy with significant clinical effect. Total resection after intraarterial chemotherapy is the best approach to the treatment of malignant paragangliomas.
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