Osteosarcoma: modern state of the problem

Diedkov A.G., Kovalchuk P.A., Boychuk S.I.

Summmary. For patients with nonmetastatic ostesarcoma, recurrence-free survival is 70%, due to complex chemotherapy treatment. Up-to-date chemotherapy schedules let us get the local effect in 60–70% of patients. The limb-sparing surgical reconstructive treatment let us keep the limb functionality. Chemotherapy typically include various combinationsand dosage schedules of high-dose methotrexate (12 g/m?), doxorubicin (75–90 mg/m?),cisplatin (100–120 mg/m?), ifosfamide (9–12 g/m?), etoposide (500 mg/m?), survival at 5 years was 70–80%. There is a direct relation between survival and treatment pathomorphosis. In case of local or metastatic recurrence, the 2-nd line of chemotherapy is administrated. This measure increases overall survival to 64,4%.
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