Peculiarities of colposcopic diagnostics of premalignant lesions and incipient cervical cancer

Ligirda N.F., Vorobyova L.I., Krotevych M.S.

Summary. 244 patients were colposcopically examined to determine premalignant lesions and incipienr cervical cancer. According to the degree of lesion we have morphologically identified: a first-degree (mild) dysplasia of the epithelium — (group 1) in 44 patients; second-degree (moderate) dysplasia of the epithelium — (group 2) in 50 patients; third-degree (severe) dysplasia of the epithelium — (group 3) in 68 patients, and incipient cervical cancer Ca in situ and Т1а1 stage (group 4) in 62 patients. The localization of pathological changes in the cervix and their structure were studied. It was determined that colposcopic picture of premalignant lesions and incipient cervical cancer has its peculiarities and depends on the degree of cervical lesion. Colposcopic features signaling slight anomaly were present in all groups of patients, though predominantly in groups 1 and 2 of patients. Obviously, severe anomalies were colposcopically determined in groups 3 and 4, but were totally absent in group 1 patients.
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