Reconstructive-plastic surgery in the treatment of malignant tumors of the chest wall

Ganul V.L.1, Hanul A.V.1, Borisiuk B.O.1, Semivolos A.V.1, Shevchenco A.I.2, Sovenco V.M.1, Kobzev O.I.1, Bororov L.V.1

Summary. Presented results of complex surgical treatment of 61 patients with primary and secondary malignant chest tumors. Developed tactical approaches treat large tumors locally. We successfully applied the selective intra arterial chemotherapy (IAChT) for treatment malignant tumors of the chest. Partial or complete tumor regression was registered in 79.1% of patients. Twelve patients have surgery treatment after neoadjuvant IAChT. Twelve patients have IAChT only. Defect of chest was plastic a full frame restoration with using titanium plates. First in Ukraine we successfully apply methods and plastic reconstruction of defects after resection of the sternum. We use for this allograft bone and wing iliaca synthetic materials. Results: 49 operated patients, including 31 reconstructive-plastic replacement of chest wall defect.
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