The stress reactions in patients with breast, ovaries and cervix cancer before and after special treatments: а pilot studies

Kuzmenko A.P.1, Kostriba A.I. 2, Turchak O.V.2, Bilyk V.G.1, Sheremet I.V.1, Strashko S.V.1

Summary. Introduction. The mammary gland, ovaries and cervix are one of the attributes of the female body and their loss after surgery for cancer is certainly considered a strong psychological traumatic factor. The object and methods of research. In our studies, the Нospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) scale was used to assess the psychological status, because the psychometric qualities of this scale were demonstrated in validation studies in clinical oncology. Results. The most severe manifestation of depression and anxiety was observed in women of reproductive age at the time of verification of the diagnosis. Findings. The obtained pilot results indicate the need to correct the psychological state of patients with a diagnosis of malignant neoplasms, especially at the stage of diagnosis.

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