Comparison of hemostatic agents used in surgery

Lukashenko A., Vinohradova M.

Summary. Effective management of bleeding for the achievement of hemostasis during surgical procedures is important for the achievement of positive results. When surgeons achieve rapid hemostasis, potential benefit include better visualization of surgical area, shorter operative times, decreased requirement for transfusion, better management of an anticoagulated patient, decreased wound healing time and overall improvement in patient recovery time. The use of hemostatic agents, sealants and adhesives improves hemostasis and provides a number of benefits for surgery. Recently, a wide range of surgical hemostatic agents have been developed for use in surgery. These agents vary widely in mechanism of action, composition, ease of use, adhesion to wet or dry tissue, immunogenicity and price. Numerous formulas of these agents have the potential to accurately meet specific surgical needs. You need to choose the right agents for each situation depending on the effectiveness, complications and cost.

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