Oncological results of organ preserving treatment of locally advanced renal cell cancer

Stakhovsky E.1, Vitruk I.1, Voylenko O.1, Stakhovskyi O.1, Kononenko O.1, Pikul M.1, Semko S.1, Hrechko B.1, Koshel D.1, Tumoshenko A.1, Buyvol O.1, Harbar R.2, Yatseniuk N.2

Summary. The paper presents the results of a prospective non-randomized study evaluating the effectiveness of partial nephrectomy in locally advanced renal cell carcinoma. Materials and methods. 112 patients were included in the interim analysis: the first group included 52 (46.4%) patients who underwent partial nephrectomy; to the second group — 60 (53.6%) patients who underwent radical nephrectomy. The criteria for inclusion in the study were: age of patients from 18 to 80 years; clinically and histologically clear cell renal cell carcinoma (T3a, T4, N0, M0); absence of renal or inferior vena cava thrombosis; the volume of functioning kidney parenchyma on the affected side is more than 50%. Results and conclusions. Analyzing the results of treatment and taking into account the fact that the number of intra- and postoperative complications, the duration of the operation and the number of cases of disease progression after partial nephrectomy did not differ statistically from radical nephrectomy, as well as equivalent indicators of the overall survival of patients with a slight advantage in favor of partial nephrectomy, it is possible ascertain the safety, high efficiency and expediency of organ-sparing treatment in patients with locally advanced kidney cancer.

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