Immediate results of a combination of systemic selective neoadjuvant polychemotherapy and mail radiofrequency hyperthermia in the complex treatment of patients with locally advanced breast cancer

Smolanka I.I. (senior), Orel V.Е., Dosenko I., Loboda A., Suprunenko O., Tarasova T., Lyashenko A.O. , Ivankova O.M. , Rоdzаevskii S.A., Smolanka I.I. (junior)

Summary. The immediate results of treatment in 92 locally advanced breast cancer patients using standard and developed new techniques of neoadjuvant chemotherapy have been analyzed. This method of treatment using systemic selective neoadjuvant chemotherapy with mail radiofrequency hyperthermia increases the tumor’s objective response (increases the number of complete and partial tumor response by 15.34% according to RECIST criteria). The developed method of locally advanced breast cancer treatment increases the percentage of breast conserving and reconstructive surgery (11.74% and 11.55%, respectively).
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