Institution :   Nonprofit Organization National Cancer Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine

Immunological markers of dendritic cell vaccine response in glioblastoma patients
Authors: Skachkova O.V. Glavatskyi O.Ya. Zemskova O.V. Gorbach O.I.... Дата: 2024-04-08
Remifentanil is an effective anesthetic in modern anesthesiology and intensive care
Authors: Lisnyi I.I. Zakalska K.A. Дата: 2024-04-04
Vaccination as a primary prophylaxis against tumors caused by HPV
Authors: Patsko V.V. Efimenko O.V. Lukashenko A.V. Дата: 2024-03-28
Cytoreductive surgery program in Nonprofit Organization National Cancer Institute
Authors: Kopetskyi V. Kryzhevskyi V. Shudrak A. Cheverdiuk D.... Дата: 2024-02-16
Mycosis fungoides: the current state of the problem in Ukraine
Authors: Kryachok I.A. Aleksyk O.M. Kalmykova A.V. Tytorenko I.B.... Т. 13, №4 (52)
Functional results of organ preserving treatment of advanced renal cell cancer
Authors: Stakhovsky E. Vitruk I. Voylenko O. Stakhovskyi O.... Т. 13, №4 (52)
Oncological results of organ preserving treatment of locally advanced renal cell cancer
Authors: Stakhovsky E. Vitruk I. Voylenko O. Stakhovskyi O.... Т. 13, №4 (52)
Past and present in the diagnosis and treatment of T-cell lymphoma: a brief literature review and clinical case report
Authors: Rudiuk T.O. Tytorenko I.B. Aleksyk O.M. Kalmykova V.V.... Т. 13, № 3 (51)
Xanthine oxidase superoxide radicals as a prognostic factors in colorectal cancer metastatic disease
Authors: Burlaka Ant. Virko S. Yefimenko O. Zemskov S.... Т. 13, № 3 (51)
Usage of indocyanine green in routine practice in surgical oncology
Authors: Khoptiana O. Dobrzhanskyi O. Т. 13, № 3 (51)
Morphological studies in determining the histogenesis of lung cancer
Authors: Bolhova L.S. Tuganova T.M. Alekseenko O.I. Т. 13, № 3 (51)
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in resectable locoregionally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and oropharynx
Authors: Burtyn O.V. Kravets O.V. Hilka O.O. Smolanka I.I.... Т. 13, № 3 (51)
Treatment of patients with recurrent and metastatic forms of breast cancer
Authors: Ivankova V.S. Baranovska L.M. Stoliarova O.Yu. Ivankova O.M.... Т. 13, № 3 (51)
Features of the surgical treatment of the breast cancer with grouped microcalcifications
Authors: Smolanka I.I. (sen.) Movchan O.V. Lyashenko A.O. Loboda A.D.... Т. 13, № 2 (50)
Primary cutaneous t-cell lymphomas: classification, diagnosis, treatment (literature review)
Authors: Kryachok I.A. Aleksyk O.M. Tytorenko I.B. Т. 13, № 2 (50)