Plasma miRNA levels in breast cancer patients and their correlation with clinical characteristics as a measure of individualized treatment

Harashchenko О.

Summary. Introduction. Breast cancer (BC) is the most common cancer among women. The level of miRNAs expression and changes in their correlation in the dynamics of treatment is considered as a potential prognostic marker of the disease. Objective. To identify the levels of miRNAs in the blood plasma of patients with BC, the correlation between miRNAs, the relationship with age, stage and molecular type of the BC. Materials and methods. The levels of 10 miRNAs (miRNA-25, -27, -30, -139, -155, -200, -205, -335, -497, -663) in blood plasma were studied in 70 patients with BC and 18 healthy individuals, age factor (<45 and >45 years), molecular type of cancer were evaluated, correlations between miRNAs pairs were revealed. Results. The level of miRNA-25, -205, -335, -497 and -663 was significantly higher in patients with BC, the dependence of the reduced level of miRNA-27 and miRNA-335 in patients <45 years of age and the high level of miRNA-27 and miRNA-205 in patients >45 years old, and the level of miRNA-205 is reliably high in both age categories. The trend of dependence of high levels of miRNA-200 and miRNA-497 was found in patients with stage III–IV BC, and miRNA-335 with luminal A type. Multiple positive and negative correlations were established in miRNAs pairs with miRNA-25 in patients with BC (7 vs 3 in healthy individuals). After neoadjuvant chemotherapy, a decrease in the levels of miRNA-25 and miRNA-335 was established. Conclusions. The results show that miRNA-25, -27, -335, -497 and-663 deserve attention as a prognostic indicator of BC, and miRNA-25 is the most promising of the 10 in terms of sensitivity to polychemotherapy. The conducted study opens up the prospects of using data from the expression analysis of the specified miRNAs for the purpose of evaluating the treatment effectiveness and prognosis of the disease clinical course in patients with BC.

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