Vaccination as a primary prophylaxis against tumors caused by HPV

Patsko V.V., Efimenko O.V., Lukashenko A.

Summary. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most speeded infections of reproductive system that causes many diseases among males and females such as pre-cancerous lesions which can transform into cancer. In women and men persistent infection with oncogenics types of HPV can lead to genital cancers, head and neck cancers, pharynx tumors and also causses genital warts and respiratory papillomatosis. Vaccination against HPV is highly effective method of prevention of the infection and as a result — primary prophylaxis of cancer. The aim of this work is to introduce doctors and patients to importance of vaccination against HPV. And also to show safety and efficacy profile of this method of prevention of some malignant tumors. This article includes review of newest literature and trials in the field of HPV vaccination as a method of prevention of benign and malignant tumors caused by this virus.

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