Number Т. 10, № 3-4 (39-40)

Author :   Pastushenko J.

MALT-lymphoma: etiology, pathogenesis, classification, clinical issues
Authors: Kryachok I.A. Ulianchenko K.O. Kadnikova T. Titorenko I.B.... №1(25) 2017 / Review: 1
Toxic hepatitis in patients with lymphoproliferative diseases
Authors: Kryachok I.A. Pastushenko J. Martynchyk A.V. Titorenko I.B. №4(24) 2016 / Review: 1
Palliative chemotherapy in patients with refractory and relapsed non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas and Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Authors: Kryachok I.A. Titorenko I.B. Kadnikova T. Pastushenko J.... №2(22) 2016 / Review: 12
The methods of fertility preservation in women with lymphoproliferative diseases
Authors: Kryachok I.A. Kadnikova T. Titorenko I.B. Pastushenko J.... №4(16) 2014 / Review: 1077
Diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma during pregnancy
Authors: Novosad I.O. Pastushenko J. Skripets Т.V. Kryachok I.A. №4(16) 2014 / Review: 1
Therapy efficacy in patients with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas with rituximab
Authors: Kryachok I.A. Filonenko K.S. Gubаrеvа А.А. Titorenko I.B.... №3 (3) 2011 / Review: 10435
The experience of the treatment of patient with relapsed and refractory lymphoma with salvage-therapy
Authors: Kushchevyi E.V. Martynchyk A.V. Filonenko Е. Novosad I.O.... №2 (2) 2011 / Review: 2