Number Т. 11, № 1-2 (41-42)

Keyword :   interferon therapy

 Immunoreactivity in melanoma patients: the relationship with morphological signs of primary tumor ulceration and long-term results of combined treatment
Authors: Kukushkina S.М. Fil’chakov F.V. Korovin S.I. Grabovyi A.N.... №1(25) 2017 / Review: 534
Immunoreactivity variety of patients with regional lymph node metastatic skin melanoma treated by different immunotherapy scheme
Authors: Fil’chakov F.V. Shumilina К.S. Kukushkina S.М. Lоn A.D.... №4 (4) 2011 / Review: 1219
The immune system status in skin melanoma patients depending on the disease stage
Authors: Fil’chakov F.V. Kukushkina S.М. Shumilina К.S. Lоn A.D.... №2 (2) 2011 / Review: 3590