Immunoreactivity variety of patients with regional lymph node metastatic skin melanoma treated by different immunotherapy scheme

Fil’chakov F.V., Shumilina К.S., Kukushkina S.М., Lоn A.D., Korovin S., Kukushkina M.M.

Summary. A multiparameter immunological monitoring of 27 patients with histopathologically confirmed regional lymph node metastatic skin melanoma stage IIIВ-IIIС in the dynamics of combined treatment using different schemes interferon therapy was conducted. It was found that the induction course of interferon α2b (IFN-α2b), regardless of administration scheme (before or after surgery) conducts leukocytopenia just after such course completion; neoadjuvant use of this course leads to leukocytes and lymphocytes amount regeneration in the peripheral blood of patients recovering from surgery. Neoadjuvant induction course IFN-α2b after surgical treatment stimulates T-lymphocytes number recovery in the peripheral blood up to the physiological norm, but does not eliminate the increased content of Тreg.A similar course of interferon in the adjuvant setting mode does not restore the reduced T lymphocytes number, but helps to reduce the Тreg level in circulation.
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