The immune system status in skin melanoma patients depending on the disease stage

Fil’chakov F.V., Kukushkina S.М., Shumilina К.S., Lоn A.D., Korovin S., Kukushkina M.M.

Summary. The evaluation of the immune system status of 87 skin melanoma patients І–ІV stages of disease is carried out. It is established, that system immunodepression develops with occurrence regional and remote metastasises. The morphological equivalent of this is progressive reduction of total quantity of circulating lymphocytes with simultaneous reduction of quantity of most functionally significant subpopulations — T-lymphocytes and natural killer cells, which associates with essential increase of regulatory T-cells quantity. Attributes of activation dysfunctions of immune system were revealed at the first stages of disease: quantity of HLA-DR- and CD25-cells was increased, the progress of disease is accompained by increasing of the relative maintenance CD69- and CD95-lymphocytes. Account must be taken of immunological disorders at carrying out of biotherapy for skin melanoma patients.
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