High-grade soft-tissue sarcomas of extremities and trunk: tumor response assessment after neoadjuvant therapy by using RECIST and relative part of viable tumor tissue

Остафийчук В.В., Коровин С.И., Паливец А.Ю., Кукушкина М.Н., Кротевич М.С., Бойчук С.И.

Summary. 81 patients with soft tissue sarcoma ІІb–ІІІ stages, depending on the schemes of neoadjuvant treatment were divided into 2 groups. The first group consisted of 40 patients who received treatment in the amount of 2 courses of neoadjuvant polychemotherapy (PCT) with subsequent surgical intervention. Group 2 — 41 patients, whose treatment started with 2 courses of neoadjuvant PCT and radiation therapy (RT) course (total focal dose 40–45 Gy), followed by surgical treatment. An evaluation of the tumor response to treatment by the system of Reaction Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST) 1.1. A significantly significant difference (p=0,04) of the objective tumor response to treatment in group 2 was determined 19.4±6.2%, compared to group 1, whose objective tumor response was 5.0±3.4%. The next criterion for assessing the response was the relative part of viable tumor tissue (p=0.01) between the groups 1 whose positive answer relative part of viable tumor tissue (III–VI degree) was 52.5±7.9%, and group 2, relative part of viable tumor tissue of which was 87.8±5.1%. It can be concluded that the combination of PCT+RT is superior in neoadjuvant treatment of patients with soft tissue sarcoma.
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