Contents of the journal :   №4(28) 2017

Tumors of the chest cavity

Transthoracic biopsy under spiral computed tomography control for diagnostic of lung and mediastinal tumors
Authors: Yarynich К.V. Yarynich V.I. Makaruk I.M. Skorodumov U.A.... №4(28) 2017

Tumors of abdominal organs

Clinical guidelines for diagnostic and treatment of patients with gastric and duodenum neuroendocrine tumors
Authors: Zubarev M.H. Kolesnik O.O. Lukashenko A.V. Ostapenko U.V.... №4(28) 2017
Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy) in combined treatment of ovarian cancer patients
Authors: Yarema R.R. Fetsych Т.G. Volodko N.A. Ohorchak М.А.... №4(28) 2017

Radiation diagnostics, radiation therapy

Breast tumor

Organization of anticancer fight


Immunohistochemical c-MYC expression in different subtypes of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Authors: Kryachok I. Martynchyk A.V. Filonenko K.S. Stepanishyna Y.A.... №4(28) 2017
Quality of life level in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma from high-risk group treated with R-DA-EPOCH regimen
Authors: Filonenko K.S. Kryachok I. Stepanishyna Y.A. Martynchyk A.V.... №4(28) 2017

Experimental studies

Chemotherapy of solid tumors