Microimaging model for assessment of state-funded oncological programs

Michailovich Y., Zhurbenko A.V.

Summary. National cancer strategies and cancer control are performing an important role in optimizing health system. If they are well-organized and equipped with sufficient resources, this can help reduce the burden of cancer in Ukraine. This article describes planning principles and assessment criteria for oncological state-funded programs and also their implementation. It was developed performance indicators and proposed the specific algorithm, which can be used in process designing and implementation of programs. Monitoring parameters for the detection direct costs and benefits realised by a program’s funding were identified. Efficiency conditions were formulated, as well as clear-cut obligations for structural units and elements of efficiency. It was proved that a complex assessment of efficiency funding budget according to these parameters allows objectively estimating effect of the invested financial resources by state and defining effectiveness state policy in oncology field as priority sphere in health care Ukraine.
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