European perspective for assessment of the costs and cost-effectiveness of cancer therapies in Ukraine

Michailovich Y.I. , Gaysenko A.V.

Summary. Formation of population health depends on many factors they may be divided into two classes: social and economic that share is 50%. Today, the issue of improving health financing is very important because this is essential to overcome the serious negative effects, both in economy and in society overall. Rapid growth in spending on medical care compared with rates of gross domestic product, crises in many regions of the country cause finding ways to reduce costs and efficient use of available resources. At the present stage of socio-economic development of Ukraine the reasonable pricing concept by providing appropriate cancer care is absent and as well as in this stage has not the method of calculation necessary economically justified costs for their financial support. The relevance of this theme is that the level of cancer care directly depends on the efficiency of industries financing. In countries with different levels of economic development, there were lively discussions about this issue. Nevertheless, the issue of selecting the best type of financing is still open. The current health care system needs improvement the latest adaptive and assistive high technology. This system should be based on a multichannel form of funding health care systems from the state’s share of 50%, based on legislative framework that has an economic orientation.
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