Antitumor therapy for patients with diabetes mellitus

Sivak L.A.

Summary. Diabetes is considered one of the biggest threats in the field of health in the XXI century. In the world malignant neoplasms are the second leading cause of death, and diabetes is twelth, but diabetes can be considered as a cause of death as a concomitant disease. It is known that people suffering from diabetes, to a greater extent than the population as a whole, are prone to the development of a number of malignant diseases. In addition to the increased risk of developing cancer in diabetes mellitus, several studies have noted that the course of the malignant process in such patients is associated with a more unfavorable outcome. Patients with diabetes mellitus have a higher risk of developing postoperative complications, in particular infections wound healing. The use of steroids is associated with hyperglycemia in patients with diabetes mellitus. Except for corticosteroids, antiandrogens can also negatively affect glucose metabolism. In recent years, several studies have published information on the impact of diabetes treatment on the risk of developing and the course of the tumor process.
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